Why You Should Put the Extra {umph!} in Your Bouquet

So many brides want to know where they need to spend the extra money and where to cut back. In today’s economy most people have to stay within a budget.

My suggestion is to put your money in stratigic places. Think about what decorations your guests and your photographs will see the most. The first thing that comes to mind should be your bouquet. This is your day and all attention will be focused on you. Your bouquet should be a reflection of you and what you want to say about your wedding.

First of all, you need to choose the color of your bouquet. Are you an all white, clean lines, architectural flower kind of person? Or a bold, bright color kind of bride? I think you should feel as strongly about your bouquet as you feel about your dress.

Next you’ll need to think about the shape of your bouquet. There are several styles to choose from. There’s the hand tied, very loose garden look. Another option is a hand tied bouquet that is more structural. A cascading bouquet is usually in a bouquet holder, which means you will be holding a handle as opposed to the flower stems. This style trails down the front of you and the length is entirely up to you. The pageant bouquet is a combination of the two mentioned before. It is held by the stems and is more one sided.

Don’t forget the details. How will you treat the stems or handle? Many people wrap grandparents handkerchiefs in their bouquet or use a vintage brooch pinned to the ribbon that’s wrapped around the stems. You can also include different items in the bouquet itself, such as pearls, shells, or anything that’s meaningful to you.

Remember to let the bouquet reflect your personality and if possible, it’s really nice to include things from people that have been important in your life. This is big day and it’s nice to have little pieces of people you love standing up there with you.