Where Can I Find Some Inspiration for My Wedding?

Everyone always asks me where I find inspiration for all of the different floral designs I create. My answer should be, “Just slow down and look around you.” But I always smile and say, “I just see things differently than most people.” The truth is that as a small child, my mother would make me pause and look at the things around me… like the clouds or even an interesting weed. Now I try to do the same thing with my children. I know that when she pointed out all the little things that were around that she started a trend with me. I make it a point to slow down and take the time to notice the beauty around me. So I get my inspiration by driving down country roads, looking in store windows, and attending classes.

This spring I attended a class in the Dominican Republic and it was so beautiful!  Several wonderful designers spoke, including Preston Bailey, Jay Qualls, Inez de Santoro, and Grace Ormonde.  They were all inspiring in so many different ways.  I’ve included some pictures from the different classes.  So I guess when people ask, I need to start saying, “I get inspiration from everywhere and anywhere.”