Three Things You Never Want to Happen with Your Flowers on Your Wedding Day

The day of your wedding is supposed to be bliss, and all about your happiness and the excitement of your future together. There are several things you can do before your weding to make things go smoother.

  1. Be realistic about your flowers. There’s nothing natural about blue roses, and if mother nature didn’t intend for it to happen then they probably shouldn’t be at your wedding. The beauty of flowers at a wedding is the connection between your ceremony and nature. Please don’t try to alter that.
  2. Be careful about which flowers you choose for your bouquet. Some flowers have a lot of pollen that will stain your dress. The stamens can be removed to avoid this from happening, just be sure it’s done. Also keep in mind, some varieties of berries can stain, so be aware.
  3. If you have an outside wedding you need to know which flowers will hold up to summer heat and which ones are prone to wilting. Make arrangements for someone to move the flowers into place right before the ceremony to limit their exposure to the elements. In order to do that you might need an assistant to handle that because most florists cannot wait until the time of the wedding to put the flowers in place.

I hope these tips are helpful in avoiding any potential pitfalls on your big day. Next week I’m planning on posting some small tricks that will save you time on your wedding day.