The Secret to Keeping Your Wedding Design Cohesive

Workshop-20There is so much wedding information available for brides these days. There are magazines, television shows, online blogs, not to mention Pinterest. People always ask me how to keep their design focused when gathering ideas from multiple sources. My advice to brides is: yes, research as many sources as you’d like, but plan carefully.

There’s an exercise that I always like to give my brides-to-be, and that is to go through all of the different options and sort them into three groups:

  1. Things I Love
  2. Things I Like
  3. Things I Hate

I also give them a time limit for this activity, because otherwise this could go on forever. After completing this task, I ask them to really study their groups. Normally, they’ll find some consistency in each group. For example, they might have many different pictures of green and white flowers with a lot of candlelight in the “Things I Love” group. That would indicate to me, that they really like that look and maybe we should think of going in that direction. Then maybe everything in their “Hate” group has bold colors, so obviously we’ll avoid that direction.

After studying the different groups it should be fairly easy to choose a look that will fit their taste. I ask them to make up a theme to describe their wedding design, such as “Fairy Garden” or “Sleek City Contemporary.” Whatever makes sense to them is fine. From this moment on, they’ll be able to ask themselves if their choices fit the name of their theme. So if the bride-to-be chose “Sleek City Contemporary” and they show up with vintage luggage and blue mason jars, their look is not going to be cohesive. I’m not saying that you can’t do an eclectic theme, but you need to establish the main look before you veer outside of it. It’s sort of like the old cliché, “You have to know the rules before you can break them.”

Also, a word to the wise, be careful to not go overboard. Don’t make the ceremony look like a bottle of Pepto Bismol exploded. There should be a careful balance. Color boards and design boards can help you maintain that look or even better, hire a Wedding Designer. I hear Anne Griggs Productions does amazing work. 😉