Photos of Last Weekend’s Wedding

I promised that I would post more pictures of last weekend’s wedding. These are some that were taken by a guest because the photographer has not yet finished the editing process.

Sara and Patrick are both NOLS Guides (professional wilderness guides), which means that they lead groups into the wild to camp, climb mountains, and go white water rafting for months at a time. They planned to have the ceremony at the Episcopal Church in New Bern, NC, outside the chapel. When we first looked at the venue, I was thinking… Wow, an outside wedding in the South, in August… How am I going to deal with this?

I knew we had to put some sort of cover on the wooden benches because over the years they’ve become a little moss covered and would stain the clothing of our guests. I’d decided to cover them in burlap, but when I thought about it again I decided that burlap wouldn’t make the right statement. So I decided on muslin trimmed in matching silk ribbon.

Everything was ordered, the first cover was made, and when I took it to the church on a trial run, it looked like a drop cloth! I took the cover back to the studio and tried everything, but nothing worked. Finally I turned to the traditional wedding staple, tulle. It was beautiful. We tied the tulle to the muslin with the silk ribbon and I loved it.