November Floral Workshop

We are please to announce our November Fall Workshop!

The date is November 16 from 9:00-5:00pm.  The goal is to leave workshop with new techniques and a new way to use your eye, to create an amazing tablescape.

Most people fly through life and never look up, hence the old adage “take time to smell the roses”  I want to teach my students to slow down and take a look around you and realize that there is an overwhelming amount of beauty everywhere.  Even in places you don’t think to look, like an abandoned old field or even a ditch beside the road.  Once a person slows down to look at the beauty around them, then they have a chance to create it.

This will be an all day workshop with incredible flowers and containers provided.  Students will be asked to bring in anything else that they can imagine that will help them create their scape.  It might be river rock, it might be silver candlesticks that their grandmother gave them.  I want a box filled with things they think might work.  I want them to think outside the box and really bring in unique and imaginative things, so the training begins before the class.  We may not use all of them, you can even trade with other students if you can work that out and I will have a few to choose from as well.

This is a very intensive class and in order to give my best attention it will be very limited to the number of people that I can take.  The fee will be $350.00, which includes a container from a new company that I have found, which has fabulous things, an abundant supply of flowers, lunch, and a well of knowledge.  Registration will be open until November 10th.Workshop-24_gall


Please call to email to register @

or call 252-670-1651