New Ideas for Wedding Keepsakes

keepsakesI am so excited!  All of the adornments I ordered from the last bridal show I attended have just come in. I think they are really beautiful. I designed a bouquet to show what we can do with these. The brooches are very victorian that can be mixed in the flowers or fastened on the stems. I think they are very delicate and romantic

The other new item is the crystal trim that can be wrapped around stems, either once or continuously. What’s truly wonderful is that these are things that can be saved to pass on to future generations. It’s so nice to have a keepsake to hand down.

I also have started offering a new service – we can take your wedding flowers and press them into thank you cards and photo albums. This is another way to help you remember your special day. People always ask what happens to the flowers afterwards and I think this is a wonderful idea. So don’t forget to ask me about that service.