Lighting Conundrum

sc-society-hallWe just got back from Charleston, SC where we met a bride and followed her to all of her venues for her wedding in November. There are so many things to think about: time of sunset, weather, where to find a place to sleep and design flowers. She’s having a garden wedding followed by a reception in Society Hall. The problem is that she wants a black tie wedding, which usually means at size o’clock (because noon and six o’clock are common times for formal events), but in November it’s dark at six and the venue will not let us use any additional lights. So I’m trying to think about how we can have a wedding in the dark. Any suggestions? We can have battery operated lights and candlelight that is contained in something like a hurricane vase, but I still don’t think that is going to provide enough light. This bride is so pretty, I really want everyone to be able to see her.