Help Plan the Perfect Wedding

Let’s start an experiment. Let’s pretend an imaginary young lady just became engaged to her beau, whom she has dated for the past three years. He has given her a beautiful ring for Christmas and now the planning starts. I would like to take several posts to walk you through the planning and designing process for the perfect wedding, but I need your help!

First things first, we need to pick out names for our imaginary bride and groom. Here are three names we could use for the bride, so email me your vote:

1. Sara Catherine

2. Lydia

3. Isabella

Now we need to choose a name for the groom:

1. Zane

2. John Marcus

3. Bruce

Please email me with your votes for your favorite names. If this works it should be a lot of fun!! I’ll let you know the winner on January 7th, 2013.

Send your votes to