Friends & Weddings

Your friend’s daughter just got married and you think the wedding was amazing! Now it’s your turn and your daughter is getting married. Where to start? There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there. Your daughter is talking about things she saw on Pinterest and Instagram. You don’t know if you want the invitations engraved, digital printed, or offset printed.

You call your friend and she very generously offers to help coordinate the wedding. She had so much success with her own daughter’s wedding, she feels like she can do it in her sleep.

Many people think they can plan and coordinate weddings. Some are successful at it, or so they think. They thought the photographer was wonderful, but there was only one. She didn’t know that it’s useful to make sure there are two photographers, one to shoot the bridal party and one to shoot the groom and his guys. Then during the ceremony and reception, it’s nice to have two so they don’t miss anything. Her daughter got married outside, so she doesn’t know to make sure the room where your reception is to take place needs to be cooled before 350 people pour in.

I could go on and on, but my point is, there are many ways a wedding planner can make your wedding the best it can possibly be. They’ve worked with all the vendors and know all the different characteristics of each one. They also know which ones are dependable. They know which vendors fit certain weddings. If you want a fondant cake, one baker might be more talented with fondant than another one. Your friend won’t know these things because her experience is limited to one wedding.

Hopefully, you’ll never know the reason why a wedding planner is absolutely necessary because if you’ve been there, then something has gone horribly wrong. God forbid, if something goes wrong you’ll need someone who’s experienced in dealing with emergency situations. You’ll want someone with a strong network of vendors that they can call if there’s a last minute crisis. They’ll know the seamstress to call in case the bride’s zipper won’t work. They’ll know a rental place that will come out on a Saturday night when the champagne fountain won’t work.

I hope you never learn the hard way how valuable a wedding planner is in a crisis. I guarantee that you’ll be glad to have a professional on your side and not a friend that is just as emotional as your are, and has no clue what to do next.