Continuing Education with a Floral Master Class

This past spring, I attended a fabulous workshop! It truly inspired me and prepared me for the upcoming wedding season. It was a three day workshop and at the end we had an amazing farewell dinner that we decorated ourselves. I will let you feast your eyes and then tell you more about it!

I hope you liked the pictures. I absolutely loved making the designs and I really felt like I learned a lot. There is a movement in the floral world, just as in the culinary field, that the new ideal is “from farm to table.” So just like with fruits and veggies, flowers should come straight from the farm to the table (as much as possible). Anne Griggs Productions has been doing this for years, but now I think we may need to make a more conscious effort. The more flowers we can grow, the less we need to order… which means: less gas for delivery, less paper for packaging, and less commercial fertilizer that the large farms use, particularly in countries outside the US where we get many of our flowers.

I have three children and I want the world to be just as wonderful for them as it is for me. So I think everything we can do, however small, to take care of the earth is a good thing.