5 Tips on How to Pick the Best Wedding Vendor

Pulling off a wedding can be a very daunting task. You’re trying to do something, that most likely, you’ve never done before and trying to do it perfectly. This can be very overwhelming, to say the least. You suddenly have to depend on perfect strangers to help you pull together one of the biggest days of your life. How do you know if you’re picking the best possible vendor? Here are five tips to help you make these decisions.

  1. Go with your gut. When you first contact the vendor, what’s your fist impression? Do they return your call in a timely manner if you left a message? Do they sound welcoming and excited to talk to you? We’ve all heard the age-old adage that you should never judge a book by its cover… well, this is one major exception, so judge away!
  2. It might be a red flag if the first question out of the vendor’s mouth is, “What’s the date of your wedding and what’s your budget?” Yes, these two questions are very important, but if they’re the first things out of their mouth that usually tells me that they’re more concerned about their calendar than anything else. You want someone who is still excited by weddings and not just trying to pay their mortgage.
  3. You might want to reconsider if they charge for a consultation. I can somewhat understand in cases where they charge you a consultation fee, but only if they refund it after you book with them. Consultation fees should make you nervous because that could mean they have a large stream of consultations without the follow up bookings.
  4. At the consultation, DO THEY LISTEN TO YOU? Someone who isn’t willing to sit and listen to your artistic vision for your wedding is definitely not going to execute a wedding that reflects your thoughts and dreams. Let’s face it, there are weddings all the time. The only thing that makes your’s different is the reflection of your personality throughout the millions of details that complete your wedding. A good wedding professional should be able to take your ideas and coach you on the best way to achieve them.
  5. Lastly, do you like this person? You will be talking to this vendor A LOT during the process of planning your wedding. If you don’t like them at the beginning, you’re really not going to like them by the end! Trust your instincts because sometimes it’s just not a good fit and most likely, the vendor will feel it as well. You’ll be doing both of you a favor by moving on and finding someone that gels with you.

I hope that these five hints will help you choose a team that’s going to support you through the planning process. And remember, you can always call Anne Griggs Productions and we would be happy to help!