5 Places to Splurge on Your Wedding Decorations

Vintage-17It’s very common for brides to get overwhelmed with all the decisions involved in planning a wedding. All of these decisions add up financially, usually more than expected. I’m asked all the time, especially if there’s a budget involved, how to prioritize spending on wedding decor. Obviously, in a perfect world we would be able to focus on every detail and really take everything completely over the top. Unfortunately, most of us need to stay within the confines of a budget, so I suggest focusing on these five areas:

  1. The Bride’s Bouquet – This is an iconic representation of the wedding and it will be in the majority of your pictures.
  2. Something at the Altar – This will also be in a lot of the pictures and it will be what the guests look at while they’re waiting for the ceremony to begin.
  3. Lighting at the Reception – I don’t care how good the decorations are… if the lighting is bad, everything looks bad.
  4. One Big Focal Centerpiece – If you don’t have the budget to cover every surface with flowers, then group what you do have together to make more of an impact.
  5. Linens – Nice linens can get expensive, but you can work them in different ways. You can have linens just on the food tables or on the guest tables (instead of the food tables). Runners and overlays can be less expensive than full-size cloths.

So remember, if you’re on a budget, put your money where it counts. If you use the ideas I’ve mentioned, I think you’ll be very happy with your results.