What are the Best Flowers for a Summer Wedding?

Summer-1Dahlias are a wonderful choice for flowers in your summer wedding. They come in a rainbow of colors, sizes, and shapes.  They’re a good size for either bouquets or centerpieces.

summer-2Sunflowers are wonderful as well. I don’t know of another flower that evokes the feeling of summer more than sunflowers. They can be used a variety of ways, in a rustic way or even a clean contemporary look.

summer-3Hydrangeas come in many colors, are a great size, and work well in large arrangements. They can be a bit finicky, as they must have a source of water. Don’t trust them in the heat too much.

summer-4Scabiosas come in blues, lavenders, and whites. They give a wonderful garden look and work really well in bouquets.

summer-5Golden Rod is a great summer bloom as well. Mix them with daisies for a sweet look.  They can be useful in either bouquets or arrangements.

summer-6Corn flowers or “bachelors buttons” offer a fantastic blue that you can’t find in a lot of flowers. The greenery from the flower is interesting in arrangements as well.

summer-7Daisies are flowers that make you smile when you see them. There is something so pure and clean about them. They work great in anything from bouquets to arrangements.

These blooms are only a few of the choices that are available in the summer. Summer weddings are so much fun, why not let your flowers continue the theme.

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