Outdoor Wedding Checklist

Spring is here and a lot of Brides are planing outdoor weddings. I love outside weddings, when they work. Here are a few things that you really need to think about when planning your outdoor event:

  1. You need to have an alternative plan (“Plan B”) in the event of bad weather. You can call a tent company and ask if they could possibly tent the area that you’re using and if so, how much warning would they need in order to have the tent in place. Also, check with your venue to find out if they allow tents and if there’s anything that the tent people need to know about before putting it up. They’ll need to know about anything underground that could be damaged. Also, if there’s a sprinkler system, please have it turned off so that the inside of your tent doesn’t get hit with the next scheduled watering.

    If a tent won’t work, find an indoor alternative. If there’s a small fee, pay it. Your nerves will thank you! Keep in mind, you’ll have to make the call with enough time to have everything moved to the new location if it looks like rain.

  2. If you live anywhere with insects that could be a problem, hire someone to come spray several days prior to your event. You don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable.
  3. Remember that you might need microphones for music, toast makers, and whomever is performing the ceremony because things are more difficult to hear outside.
  4. If your seating is placed ahead of time, make sure that the seats are covered or have someone wipe them off before the ceremony.
  5. Plan appropriate shoes for being outdoors. Heels sink in grass, but there are new little plastic discs that you can slip on your heels to keep them from staking you to the ground.
  6. Consider making a gathering place for your guests to go to when they arrive. Sometimes outdoor events can be awkward because people don’t know where to go or what to do. If you have a beverage table with a place for them to put their drinks down, that gives people a place to gather. Then your ushers can seat people from there.
  7. And above all, have fun. Enjoy your day!

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