May Weddings & Peonies

may-1A great reason to choose May as your wedding month is peonies. Peonies are my favorite flowers and they come in some wonderful colors: fabulous whites, beautiful pinks, and radical reds!

These flowers are amazing and I promise you won’t be disappointed if you choose to use them in your wedding flowers. They have the most wonderful smell, not strong, but just right.

These particular peonies are large blossomed flowers that make a strong statement. In Asian countries they are considered highly valuable. There’s even a rare Japanese Tree Peony. These plants do not bloom until they’re at least four years old and then they yield the most incredible blooms that are sometimes as large as a salad plate. This species blooms in early May.

The only down-side is that they’re only readily available around Mothers Day. They can be found other times of the year, but they’re from greenhouses and other countries, making them very expensive.

pink-peoniesHere are some great questions that you can ask your floral designer about using peonies:

  1. If you want stark white, make sure that you ask for that because some white peonies have a blush to them or they can have some pink in the middle.
  2. Ask your designer about having the blooms open at their peak during your event. If you wait too long the blooms can be very open and the petals will start to drop. If you get them too fresh they’ll be in tight pod-like balls and not give you the lush look you want. My favorite thing to do is use a combination of them at varying stages: some of them still as pods, some a little opened, and some completely open.
  3. If you have a large wedding and need a lot of blooms, as your designer if it’s possible to get a bulk discount. Sometimes flowers can be less expensive when you buy them by the case.
  4. If it’s not May and you still want to use peonies on a budget, consider only using them in key locations, such as in your bouquet.

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