How to Add a Fall Look to Your Wedding

fall-1Fall is my favorite season and a great time to get married. There are so many things to use in your decor and a lot of it is free! Close your eyes and imagine the different feelings that fall provokes… think about textures, smells, colors and just the general feeling it gives you. When I do it, I think of earth tones punched up with some oranges or reds, lots of natural vines, fabulous warm sweaters, and boots.

So how do you convey those feelings through your wedding? You can start with your bouquet, maybe by adding some wheat, grape vine or some wonderful berries.  Notice the side of the road when you’re going somewhere. Look at the color of the fields and the wild flowers that are blooming. Notice how different the water looks and even the sky.  Once you’ve achevieved that “fall feeling” just let yourself think outside the box and you will be surprised what ideas might pop into your head. Check out these pictures and let me know if they evoke that fall feeling for you!


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