6 Things To Do When You Get Engaged

So it’s Christmas and guess what?  You got a ring for Christmas!  So now you have some decisions to make.

  1. Talk to your new fiancee and find out what kind of wedding they have in mind. You really don’t want to start planning a ballroom soiree if he or she has a backyard BBQ in mind. Try to come up with a plan that you’re both excited about!
  2. Set the date. Make sure you ask all of the key people if that date will work for them. Parents, siblings, and best friends are important to help celebrate your day.
  3. Set a budget. Make sure you do your research and set a realistic budget, with current market prices in mind. Always allow some wiggle room, so if you go over, it is not so stressful. But keep in mind, be realistic. Don’t expect to have an evening wedding with a seated dinner for 200 people for under $5,000. Once you’ve set your budget, think about how to make the most of it. Be flexible, think about an afternoon wedding with less guests if the budget requires something more low key. Try to make the most out your investment. Make what you do really impactful, so if you have fewer guests or a less formal event, remember to be flexible!
  4. Find and book your venue. Many places are booking up a year in advance, so you can’t afford to wait on this decision. Choosing the right venue is extremely important. It would take an entire new blog to discuss the importance of this decision, so keep an eye out for it.
  5. Make sure you have an officiant, caterer, floral designer, photographer and cake baker lined up. If you don’t have time to make appointments with all of these people, you need to at least make contact with them. Find out if they’re available on the date, if not, ask who they would recommend. If they’re available, tell them that you don’t have enough time to make an appointment with them, but will at the first opportunity and ask them to pencil you into their calendar. Most people will do this for you. All it means is that they know your date and will call you if someone else calls about that date and wants to book it. If that happens you might have to commit to that vendor if you want to keep them, which usually involves a deposit.
  6. The invitations should be next. There are all kinds of options for you to choose from. The type of wedding you’ve chosen will help determine the kind of invitations you will choose. If it’s a very formal occasion, then a very formal invitation is in order. Budget is also important in this decision because invitations can be very expensive. So if you are trying to keep finances in check, you might be able to come up with a more creative, less expensive way to invite your guest.

This should be enough information to get you started on your path towards your wedding. Be careful not to gather too many ideas. There are so many sources of ideas out there, it can become overwhelming. Just focus on one thing at a time.

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