5 Things to Look for in a Wedding Venue

fallwedding-5Years ago, weddings were somewhat different than what they are today. Most weddings occurred in the bride’s hometown place of worship and the reception was most likely in the fellowship all. Today’s weddings have changed significantly. Due to the ease of traveling, couples can now choose various venues knowing their friends and family can still attend.

So with all the various venues for weddings, choosing one can be an overwhelming decision. Here are five suggestions that might help with that decision:

  1. Is the venue large enough for the number of guests you think will attend?  Weddings can be complicated enough without worrying where everyone will sit for the ceremony.
  2. How will the venue look and feel on the exact date and time of the wedding? Sometimes you look at a venue in late summer and your date is late fall. Have you considered the time change and weather change? You might not be interested in having your ceremony in the dark and cold.
  3. Does the venue meet all your needs to have the quality wedding that you are planning? Make sure it has enough nice restrooms for your guests. If your ceremony is later in the day, make sure you have enough lighting. If it’s an outside event, does the venue have a rain plan? Each wedding has unique needs, just make sure your venue meets your needs.
  4. Make sure this is the ONE. Hopefully this is going to be your one and only venue. Your memories and photos will be tied up with this location. Will you still love your choice ten years from now?
  5. Make sure all the logistics work out, such as… Are there enough hotel rooms near by for your guests? Is transportation easy from the ceremony to the reception? Is there an airport nearby with a way to get to your venue?

So, yes there are a lot of decisions to make, but in the long run, just think about the wonderful time you’ll have and the fabulous memories you and your guests will have of your wedding.

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